The perfect pink pant that almost didn’t happen


A few months ago I saw these pants on several plus size fashion bloggers I follow and they pulled it off, perfectly. I instantly archived these as a piece of clothing that would basically look right on everyone but me: they billowed out too much, my top frame is too stocky, and I have basically zero waist. So I just scrolled on by and thought about how I’d never buy anything pink, anyway. Even that perfect pink pant.

But then these beauties were EVERY.WHERE. And I couldn’t stop thinking about them so I bit the bullet and I bought the damn pants. I also thought about why I didn’t think they’d look right and honestly, it contradicted everything I’ve ever said about clothing: it doesn’t matter what the “fashion rules” are, if you like something, BUY IT!

The minute I bought them I thought about how I’d basically look like a satin bed sheet in them, but when they arrived I was pleasantly surprised. These pants cinch you at the waist, forcing there to be definition (even if you’re like me and have none). They’ve got so much flow and movement in the pant leg and the color is pretty without being too out there. Also, did I mention they’re so comfortable it basically feels like I’m wearing pajamas out?

I know, I know – it’s literally just a pair of pants, and they’re not like anything else I own. But the moral of this story is to stop being so hard on your body, letting societal pressure win with their rules of what looks best on which type of body. Sometimes you just need to shut yourself up and buy the pink pants.

psssst: I got these off ASOS & while they’re no longer available, ASOS Curve is selling ones that are basically the same thing & many other options that are close to it. Jacket is [old] Forever 21 + t-shirt is thrifted.

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  • Cat Chiang
    June 23, 2017

    Wait, I literally saw someone walking down the street in these pants and had major pants envy! They look like you rolled out of bed and took the sheets with you…in the best way possible!

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